Funeral services

They cover the essential needs of the entire funeral process.

  • Coffins

    Complete range of coffins.

  • Upholstery

    We have a catalogue featuring a range of models to upholster the inside of the coffins.

  • Flowers

    Wide range of floral varieties.

  • In memoriam card

    Wide range of texts and images.

  • Condolence book

    It is a way to bring together the feelings of everyone attending the funeral service.

  • Post-mortem plastic surgery

    Service to improve or restore the appearance of the deceased and increase conservation time.

  • Religious ceremonies (in churches)

    The family can choose what kind of ceremony they want, designing all or part of the ceremony, entering the details, readings, music, etc., which they want to share at the ceremony with attendees. The ceremonies are held in a church.