Personalised services

  • Catering in the room

    Coffee and tea with pastries at mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

  • Obituaries

    Telling the media about the details of the funeral.

    • Remembrance obituaries: obituaries to remember the deceased in the years after their passing away.
    • Town obituaries: Service providing obituaries for small towns. We design and publish an announcement to deliver door-to-door in the town.


  • Dressing the deceased

    Option to dress your deceased relative in the clothes provided by Aurens or the family.

  • Administrative procedures

    Handling all administrative procedures following the death (obtaining certificates, registration, burial arrangements, etc.)

  • Removing online presence

    Following death the deceased’s presence on social media has to be removed.

  • Support books

    Specialised books to help with mourning for adults, teenagers and children.

  • Diamond

    Making a diamond from the ashes of your deceased relative.